The Genie Journal Genealogy/DNA Journal (Two Covers To Choose From)

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What is a Genie Journal? It's anything you'd like it to be because it includes plenty of space to journal or to compile your genealogy research or DNA notes. But it's so much more.

There are genealogy and DNA tips from Genealogists from around the globe and prompts to help you journal and share the interesting stories you find about your ancestors. 

Plenty of charts and interesting facts throughout the book, and there's even a section for you, "The Star." 

This is a treasure you'll be able to pass down to future generations, and with two covers to choose from, you can pick the one that speaks to you. 

Journal size is 8x10

BONUS: When you order directly from our store you'll receive an exclusive matching bookmark. (Only available at Shop the Hound.) 

Available on Amazon check the author's page on Amazon. Both versions have the same great material you just need to choose the cover. Heritage Tree on Amazon and Leather Look on Amazon. 



Family History Research has been my 55-year project that is still ongoing. When I started in 1967, it was a much slower process than today, and I needed a lot of time to get really good at it, primarily because there were few books available to aid in getting one smarter in less time. Ie: Like talk to your grandparents or know the questions to ask. I now have a lot of reference material to aid me in researching better & smarter, and I am still acquiring more. Most recently, was a book entitled “The Genie Journal” by Ellen Thompson-Jennings, and a cousin of mine discovered less than 20 years ago. From start to finish, especially if you are beginning, you are given the best of what today’s expert researchers can offer you to speed your research.

Ron S  - Past President of the Leeds and Grenville Genealogy Society 

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