The Story Of You - The Star™


It’s hard to believe that someday I’ll be someone’s ancestors. But this thought has made me realize that it’s time to tell my own story, and perhaps it’s your time too.

The Story of You – The Star™ was designed to help you do just that.. tell your own story.

The Story of You consists of four sessions. The first three sessions are 12 weeks long, with the final session being 14 weeks long. Each week you will receive a writing prompt that will help you build your story. This is a slow and easy way to work on your story, and after the four sessions, you’ll have all the content for a beautiful book to share with your family, complete with stories and photos.

If you’ve been thinking about writing your story, then this is exactly what you need. Each week I’ll send you a new question that you can use to write “the story of you.” You’ll be able to add photos to help tell your story, and we will continue building on your story from week to week.

There are a few ways you can present your story;

  • Hand write it in our beautiful Genie Journal’s (two great cover, choose the one that speaks to you) (two great cover, choose the one that speaks to you. When you sign up I’ll give you a promo code for a $5 discount on The Genie Journal on Shop the Hound).
  • Choose a template at FOREVER. (when choosing a template be sure to choose one that gives you the ability to add a text page, so look for that in the description. Don’t worry if you don’t understand how you can do this I’m a FOREVER Senior Ambassador and I can help you figure it out. Examples are “Modern and Natural Yearbook“, “Rustic Adventures“, “Vintage Family Memories” are just a few examples )
  • You can purchase and download FOREVER Artisan. This is the way that I’ve created my book. There is more latitude to create the book exactly as you like. If you purchase the program through my link I’ll send you a 4 hour Artisan Boot Camp for free that you can use to learn the program. With this program you will not only be able to create your book but also create hundreds of other beautiful books and gifts. No monthly payments, just purchase and you’re ready to go as the program comes with 15 new exclusive Digital Art Kits and of course you can purchase more art as you decide you might need it. But it won’t be necessary.

You will also have the opportunity to book a private one-on-one appointment with me to discuss your project at any time during the program.

Make this year the year you tell your own story. You can sign up at my online store, Shop the Hound, where you’ll be able to purchase a single session or all four.


 Use promo StoryBOGO and get 15% off when you purchase The Story of You - The Star and a Genie Journal.