How We Got Started

Welcome to Shop the Hound, the Family History Hound store!

I'm often asked where I came up with the name 'Family History Hound' and It's a fairly simple story:  My love for Genealogy began as a teenager when I started asking my 94-year old grandmother about our family history.

Once I began hearing about my family's lineage and origin, I had caught the Genealogy bug. I continued to hunt for more family history information and stories; not just for my own family, but for others. 

I had become The Family History Hound.

The hobby gradually evolved into a passion and now I was not only on the hunt for family history but also for tools to help me discover, preserve and share my findings.

Offering my family history, DNA and Genealogical services to others, maintaining my blog; Hound on the Hunt with new information and findings, and sourcing the best products has allowed me to evolve my hobby and passion into a career.

The store is based in Canada, and each order is handled completely by humans to ensure the best possible shopping experience.

I am always here to answer any questions you may have about the products we carry or to help guide you on your own family history hunt. 

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visit and come back soon!



Ellen Thompson-Jennings

Ellen Thompson-Jennings

Founder, Family History Hound - Shop The Hound