Saving Your Genealogy FOREVER


I think of myself not as a online store owner but as a genealogist, genetic genealogist, storyteller and the preserver of my family history.

That's why I have guides called Saving Your Genealogy FOREVER. FOREVER is a cloud storage site with a difference. You can store all your photos, videos, audio recordings and even your genealogy there. What makes it different from other online cloud storage is that with a paid account you can preserve all of your photo and digital legacy for your lifetime plus 100 years. Once I understood how FOREVER was able to back that statement up I was sold and I signed up to help other preserve their legacy just like I'm doing. 

I've created some video that you can watch on my YouTube channel HERE that will tell you more. 

I've also created some guides to help you. This is the way I'm organizing my own genealogy and it's my hope that these guides will get you started and you can make modification as you see fit. You can get started with FOREVER with a FREE account but if you want your legacy preserved for generations you'll need to get a paid account. 

So check out my guides below and sign up for a free account HERE

Step One 

Step Two 

Step Three (coming soon)