Save Your Genealogy FOREVER - Step One

Save Your Genealogy FOREVER - Step One

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I use a product as well as work at FOREVER. FOREVER is a site that guarantees to preserve your photos, videos, audio recordings, and documents for your lifetime plus 100 years. 

I believe in this product, so I decided to Save My Genealogy FOREVER.  This document is the first step in my program as to how I am preserving my genealogy. 

If you have not signed up for FOREVER, I hope you accept my invitation to join HERE. You will receive 2GB of FOREVER Storage to use and try out, but you will need a paid account to preserve your things for over 100 years.  Once you confirm your email, you will also receive $20 US to spend at FOREVER in the next 60 days, so you could use it to purchase your FOREVER Storage or anything else you might like. Be sure you go to the DEALS page to get the latest promo code, and you can use that promo code along with your Welcome coupon, as all codes are stackable. 

By signing up with my link, you will also have me as your FOREVER Ambassador and I'll be there to help you every step of the way. 

This is a program created by me and therefore is my intellectual property. This product is for your use and is not to be sold or distributed. 

This item is FREE if it doesn't show as free, then please change the currency in the upper left corner to Canadian. 

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