Your DNA Guide - the eBook (E-Book)

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Your DNA Guide - the eBook written by Diahan Southard is for anyone who has taken a DNA test and wants to learn more. It helps genealogists reconstruct family trees. It helps adoptees identify biological relatives. It can help you identify a specific DNA match. In short, it helps anyone explore what their DNA—and their DNA matches—can tell them about their origins.

You will learn about:

  • Choosing a specific DNA question

  • Identifying your relationship to your DNA matches

  • Step-by-step processes for finding biological parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents (and the limits of research beyond that point)

  • Communicating effectively with DNA matches

  • Using online DNA tools relevant to your question

  • Keeping DNA research and discoveries organized

  • Building family trees that help your DNA discoveries

  • Managing unexpected or sensitive discoveries

  • Tracking down living relatives

  • How XDNA, mtDNA and YDNA may help 

  • Using ancestral ethnicity results in the context of researching family history

  • How endogamy and pedigree collapse (when ancestors were related to each other) affect your DNA research

  • Basic genetic genealogy terminology and principles you’ll need to know to answer your specific questions

This book is also available at Amazon Canada or Amazon USA

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