The Story Of You - The Star

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Make 2022 the year you tell your own story.

The Story of You - The Star, is a weekly program to help you write the story of your life.  After all, one day you will be someone's ancestor, and wouldn't you love to write and leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren?

Each week you'll receive a new writing prompt to help you write your story. There are several ways you can choose to write your story.

The Story of You - The Star will be presented in four sessions. Three sessions will be twelve weeks long and the fourth session will be fourteen for a total of fifty-two weeks.  There are discounts for signing up for more than one session. You can choose to write your book as a whole or in volumes representing each session.

Each week there will be an online meeting to discuss the weekly question.  Each session will be approx 30 minutes. *I will always choose the same date and time for these online meetings but sometimes the schedule may need to be altered due to unforeseen family situations.  These sessions will not be recorded so that participants can feel comfortable discussing their projects. If you miss the meeting you will always receive the weekly question to work on it on your own. 

 *All material is for your personal use only 

See examples in the images (these have been created using FOREVER Artisan) 

Session One starts on January 6th, 2022

Other sessions will be offered as well a repeated sessions

Note: when you view in the store pricing will be in your currency but at checkout, it will be in Canadian $. This is the same price just in different currencies. 


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