Genetic Genealogy Help (DNA) Various Packages

  • $ 75.00 CAD

Do you have a DNA question or mystery? I can help you. Book a free 1/2-hour meeting to discuss your project. You can do that HERE. Then you can decide what plan is best for you. (we meet on Zoom). 

Schedule Your Appointment today. Whether you choose one hour to look at your DNA together to understand your results or ten hours because you have a mystery to solve, I'm ready to help. 

I Love A Good Mystery. Let Me Solve Yours

If you follow my blog, Hound on the Hunt, you know I have a keen interest in DNA. I have been working with DNA since 2010. DNA is a complicated subject that takes time to understand, so don't be embarrassed to ask for help. 

What I can do: 

I can help you decide which DNA test makes the most sense for your research goal and which company to test with. 

I can help you with your test results by helping you understand how your DNA matches fit in your tree. 

I can create a genetic match tree. 

I can mentor you about your DNA. 

I can help you set up your privacy and contact settings 

I can help you transfer your raw data from one site to another 

I have used DNA to solve cases of unknown parentage. 

I have helped adoptees discover their biological parents. 

I can administer or manage your DNA account

What I don't do: 

I don't sell DNA tests. But I can direct you to the best DNA kit to fit your research need.  

Still not sure? You can email me at, and we can set up a mutual time to discuss your project and the best plan for you.  

NOTE: The more hours you commit to, the lower the hourly price.

DNA BONUS: If you commit to a 10-hour program, you can upgrade your bundle for only $150 Cdn to receive a 10GB of FOREVER Storage account (value $240). This account is to store all the DNA and genealogy documents, but you can use it for your photos, videos, and other documents as well. As your FOREVER Ambassador, I can help you with your account for no additional charge. 

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