16GB Memory Card With Toolbox 4 (incl. StoryScans)

16GB Memory Card With Toolbox 4 (incl. StoryScans)

  • $ 17.95 CAD
  • Save $ 2.00 CAD

16GB SD Memory Card with Toolbox 4 installed (incl. StoryScans activation)

Flip-Pal Toolbox comes with an intuitive interface with web-like navigation.

  • Use EasyStitch to assemble multiple scans of large originals.
  • Edit has rotation and cropping with an improved color correction optimized for scans
  • Use Record to create StoryScans talking photos
  • Share adds quick and convenient login and uploading of scans to Dropbox, Evernote, and Repixl along with Facebook and Picassa
  • Copy and delete scans from the Files menu.
  • The Community page has many recommended Flip-Pal partners that you can connect with to round out your scanning solution
  • The resources available on Help include the latest versions of the User’s and Quick Start Guides, How-to videos, and FAQs, and automatically checks for the latest Toolbox version
  • Includes StoryScans talking images
  • Available for PC or Mac (including the Catalina release)

Please choose whether you'd like it for PC or Mac 

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