Genetic Genealogy Help (DNA) Various Packages

  • $ 75.00 CAD

Schedule Your Appointment today. Whether you choose one hour to look at your DNA together to understand your results or ten hours because you have a mystery to solve, I'm ready to help. 

I Love A Good Mystery. Let Me Solve Yours

If you follow my blog, Hound on the Hunt, you know I have a keen interest in DNA. I have been working with DNA since 2010. DNA is a complicated subject, and it takes time to understand it, so don't be embarrassed to ask for help. 

What I can do: 

I can help you decide which DNA test makes the most sense for your research goal and which company to test with. 

I can help you with your test results by helping you understand how your DNA matches fit in your tree. 

I can create a genetic match tree. 

I can mentor you about your DNA. 

I can help you set up your privacy and contact settings 

I can help you transfer your raw data from one site to another 

I have used DNA to solve cases of unknown parentage. 

I have helped adoptees discover their biological parents. 

I can administer or manage your DNA account

What I don't do: 

I don't sell DNA tests. But I can direct you to the best DNA kit to fit your research need.  

NOTE: The more hours you commit to, the lower the hourly price.

BONUS: If you commit to a 10-hour program, I give you a 10GB FOREVER account to store all the genealogy documents that you can use for your own photos as well. This is a $199.99 US value.

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