The Genie Journal Genealogy/DNA Journal (Two Covers To Choose From)

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Embark on a journey of discovery with the Genie Journal, a unique and meticulously crafted tool designed to guide you through the fascinating world of genealogy and DNA research. This journal is more than just a place to write; it's a comprehensive companion for anyone looking to delve deep into their family history.

Unlock Your Story with Writing Prompts

The Genie Journal is filled with carefully curated writing prompts that inspire you to document your ancestral journey. These prompts are designed to help you reflect on your heritage, capture your family’s stories, and explore the rich tapestry of your lineage. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced genealogist, these prompts will guide you in creating a meaningful and lasting record of your discoveries.

Expert Tips from Genealogists Around the Globe

What sets the Genie Journal apart is the wealth of knowledge it offers from seasoned genealogists worldwide. Inside, you'll find invaluable tips and insights on various aspects of genealogy and DNA research. Learn from the experts about the best practices for tracing your ancestry, interpreting DNA results, and breaking through those challenging brick walls in your research. Their wisdom and experience will empower you to uncover new facets of your family history.

Features of the Genie Journal

  • Personalized Prompts: Thoughtfully designed writing prompts to help you document your genealogy journey step by step.
  • Expert Advice: Tips and techniques from renowned genealogists to enhance your research skills.
  • Interactive Sections: Space to include photos, family trees, and important documents, making your journal a comprehensive family archive.

The Journal size is 8x10

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Available on Amazon check the author's page on Amazon. Both versions have the same great material you just need to choose the cover. Heritage Tree on Amazon and Leather Look on Amazon. 

Who are the genealogists in the Genie Journal? (In order of appearance)

Cheri Hudson Passey (USA) Carolina Girl Genealogy  Ellen Thompson-Jennings (Canada) Hound on the Hunt, Lisa Louise Cooke (USA) The Genealogy Gems Podcast, Dr. Penny Walters (England) Search My Past, Patricia Greber (Canada) My Genealogy Life  , Lisa Lisson (USA) Are You My Cousin, M. Diane Rogers (Canada), Melissa Barker (USA) The Archives Lady, Jill Ball, (Australia) GeniAus, Ruth Blair (Canada) The Passionate Genealogist, Lianne Kruger (Canada) @lianneKruger, Elizabeth Swaney O-Neal (USA) The Family Heart, Shannon Combs-Bennett, MSc, QG (USA) @tntfamhist, Alona Tester (Australia), Katherine R. Willson (USA) Social Media Genealogy Dear MYRTLE (USA), Christine Woodcock (Canada) @genealogytours, Lorine McGinnis Schultze (Canada) Olive Tree Genealogy, Devon Noel Lee (USA) Family History Fanatics, Tami Osmer Mize (USA) Relatively Curious, Michael John Neill (USA) Genealogy Tip of the Day , Marie Cappart (Belgium) Historienne-Genealogiste, Laura Hedgecock (USA) Treasure Chest of Memories , Mags Gaulden (Canada) Grandma's Genes , Randy Seaver (USA) Genea Musings, Helen Smith (Australia) Dragon Genealogy HVSReasearch , Diahan Southard (USA) Your DNA Guide, Roberta Estes (USA) DNA Explained, Sylvia Valentine (England) Recover Your Roots , Lynn Palermo (Canada) The Armchair Genealogist, John Boeren (Netherlands) Antecedentia   


Family History Research has been my 55-year project that is still ongoing. When I started in 1967, it was a much slower process than today, and I needed a lot of time to get really good at it, primarily because there were few books available to aid in getting one smarter in less time. Ie: Like talk to your grandparents or know the questions to ask. I now have a lot of reference material to aid me in researching better & smarter, and I am still acquiring more. Most recently, was a book entitled “The Genie Journal” by Ellen Thompson-Jennings, and a cousin of mine that I discovered less than 20 years ago. From start to finish, especially if you are beginning, you are given the best of what today’s expert researchers can offer you to speed your research.

Ron S  - Past President of the Leeds and Grenville Genealogy Society 

 #Genealogy #DNA #HoundontheHunt #FamilyHistoryHound 

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