DNA Guides

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Everything you wanted to know about DNA but was afraid to ask. Written by DNA expert Diahan Southard, who has a background in microbiology with a talent for clear and concise explanations of complicated topics. She has been translating genetics into genealogy for over 14 years. These are the physical copies we also have the downloadable version that you can find HERE.

Guides to choose from:

  • Getting Started Genetics for the Genealogist
  • Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist
  • Mitochondrial DNA for the Genealogist
  • Mitochondrial DNA at Family Tree DNA 
  • Y Chromosome DNA for the Genealogist
  • YDNA at Family Tree DNA 
  • AncestryDNA (2nd Edition) Reduced 
  • Family Finder At Family Tree DNA (2nd Edition) Reduced 
  • Understanding 23 and Me: A Companion Guide to Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist
  • MyHeritage DNA
  • Organizing Your DNA Matches 
  • Breaking Down Brickwalls With DNA
  • GEDmatch
  • Finding An Ancestor Using Your DNA (New

Diahan Southard offers courses at her site YourDNA Guide. Learn more HERE.

Note: Some titles have been reduced as they do not include some of the new features of the site. 

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