DNA Double-Helix Pendant Necklace

  • $ 17.95 CAD

This fun 3D DNA double-helix necklace is perfect for any science lover or genetic genealogist. It is a stunning piece that celebrates your unique genetic heritage. This necklace is not just an accessory but a personalized work of art that tells your story with every glance.
The DNA Double Helix necklace is like carrying a piece of your ancestry close to your heart. It’s a beautiful reminder of your roots, a symbol of your identity, and a conversation piece that sparks curiosity and admiration. Perfect for any occasion, from elegant soirées to casual gatherings, this necklace adds a touch of sophistication and personal significance to your look.

Necklace pendant: Zinc alloy, rhodium plated. 42 x 10 x 8 mm

Necklace chain: Rhodium plated. 40.5 cm

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