Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp

Relaxus Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • $ 35.00 CAD
  • Save $ 14.95 CAD

A natural ionizer from the Himalayan Mountains. 

Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Lotus Flower has a rich, soothing and relaxing glow. Beautiful and relaxing. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Natural Ionizers from the Himalayan Mountains
  • Hygroscopic - helps to get rid of the water in the air that carries mold, bacteria, and allergens
  • Helps to get rid of pollution, impurities, and contaminants
  • Rich in minerals 
  • Soothes and helps you de-stress

Help detoxify your space with this calming Himalayan Salt Lamp Lotus Flower!

6.75" tall weight 6.6-7.7 lbs. 

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