Flip-Pal® Organize My Photos Bundle

  • $ 271.85 CAD

This is a bundle that anyone wanting to organize their photos will want to have. It includes; 

  • Flip-Pal® the portable scanner you can take anywhere
  • Photo Keeper Storage Box that holds over 600 photos 
  • Photo Organizing Made Easy by Cathi Nelson founder of APPO 

With this package you'll find out from the expert; Cathi Nelson how to organize your photo collection. This package also includes; Flip-Pal so you'll be ready to scan your photos at Auntie's or from the comfort of your living room. Once you've scanned the photo (if Auntie gives them to you.... lucky you) you can store them in this archival storage box that has 6 photo cases that hold 100 photos each. As an added BONUS you'll get an "I'm Getting My Poop In A Group" ribbon. 

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