Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB Wireless SD Card

Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB Wireless SD Card

  • $ 58.99 CAD

The Eye-Fi Mobi card sends photos from your camera or Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner right to your phone - no internet connection required!

Mobi cards will let you transfer photos absolutely anywhere, as the card is its own WiFi hotspot. You just have to install the free Eye-Fi app on your Android or iOS device and it sets up in seconds.

Make you digital camera wireless without buying a new camera. Your best digital photos and videos are instantly ready to share from your favorite mobile device. Or scan your family pictures on your Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and view them on your smartphone or tablet.


Capacity: 4,000 5.0 megapixel, 100% compressed JPEG photo / 3 hours 15FPS MPEG-4 video

8GB SDHC Class 10

(Note that this product does not have StoryScan installed)

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