Flip-Pal® Mobile Scanner + E-Book

Flip-Pal® Mobile Scanner + E-Book

  • $ 239.95 CAD


Memories and stories bind families together. How will you preserve and share yours? With the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner, no longer will your precious photos, documents and other memories be scattered, lost or hidden. Have fun and enhance your creativity, then share your memories with family and friends. And save time in the process. Take advantage of the patented Flip-and-Scan technology to scan photos safely while they are still in the album or frame.

If Auntie won't let you take the family pictures home to scan,  then Shop the Hound has the solution, then take the Flip-Pal Scanner to her.

Shop the Hound is proud to be the Canadian Distributor of  Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner in Canada. 

When you open the box of your new Flip-Pal you are ready to start scanning. It's easy and so light weight. Perfect to take along with you to your next family reunion or get together. It requires no computer and the SD card is compatible with PC and Mac computers.   

We carry a complete line of Flip-Pal products and accessories. Don't forget to select your E-Book before adding to cart, if you can't decide which one, why not add both!



Be prepared, not sorry! Use the suggestions in this EBook to preserve and safeguard your memories.

Preserving and safeguarding our memorabilia is a journey, not a project and definitely not a New Year’s diet. We can’t reorganize, research, rehouse and digitize everything in a month, let alone a weekend. What we as memory keepers have a duty to do is begin the process of compiling information we maintain around our homes, save in storage and share with extended family members to tell the story of our beginnings and illustrate the lineage of our family.

The practical suggestions in this EBook will help with that journey.



Have you ever been at a loss for what to get your parents, grandparents or family member as a gift?  This ebook has over 50 personalized projects that are fun to give. 

The key to success in going from photo, to finished project, to fabulous gift this season is what we call “Ready. Set. GIFT!” That means prepping those photos and scanning them for the best results, then finding easy-to-use websites and services that will turn that photo into an amazing gift and then…well, giving that gift and watching the reaction!

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