Your DNA Guides Digital Downloads

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Everything you wanted to know about DNA but were afraid to ask. Written by YourDNA Guide;  Diahan Southard has a background in microbiology with a talent for clear and concise explanations of complicated topics. These are the downloadable version. If you'd like the physical version, you can order HERE.

Guides to choose from:

  • Autosomal DNA Fall 2019
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Fall 2019
  • YDNA Fall 2019
  • AncestryDNA Fall 2019
  • Family Finder Fall 2019
  • 23andMe Fall 2019 
  • MyHeritage DNA Fall 2019
  • Finding An Ancestor Using Your DNA Fall 2019 

Diahan Southard offers courses at her site YourDNA Guide. Learn more HERE.

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