StoryScans Wireless Upgrade For Flip-Pal

  • $ 54.99 CAD

The Wireless Upgrade contains a Mobi 4GB SDHC card from EyeFi, a Quick Start Card, and a plastic Membership Card.

It's easy to set up and easy to use. The included Quick Start Card will guide you step-by-step. The EyeFi Mobi app is available on Apple iTunes or Google Play. The EyeFi Mobi Desktop Transfer software for Windows or OSX is available for download at

Included with your Wireless Upgrade are:

  • Flip-Pal Scantools iOS app, downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play Store for Android. 
  • Provides cropping, rotation, and creation of StoryScans™ talking photos
  • Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software, pre-installed on the SD card.
  • For Windows and OS X computers. Desktops, laptops, notebooks, Ultrabooks, and others.
  • Provides EasyStitch, cropping, rotation, color correction, automated upload to the cloud, and creation of StoryScans Talking Photos

The scans captured when not Wi-Fi connected are transferred when the scanner is powered up within range and pairs with your device or computer. Holds over 4,000 scans.



The Mobi SD card provides a Wi-Fi connection between the Flip-Pal mobile scanner and the mobile devices and computers you have installed the app on. It does not provide a Wi-Fi connection to the internet.

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