Saddlebags For Suitcases (Across Canada by Horseback) by Mary Bossanqet

  • $ 9.95 CAD

The year 1939 was a bleak and gloomy time in England. Fire and darkness loomed on the horizon as war with Nazi Germany drew ever closer. In the midst of this national angst young Mary Bosanquet had a revelation. She would toss off college in London, board a steam-ship, voyage to Vancouver, Canada, then buy and ride a horse alone more than 2,500 miles to New York City. Simple enough! She could ride, had a grand total of eighty English pounds to fund the one-woman expedition, and figured horses would be cheap out in the Wild West of Canada. Besides, she reasoned, if the world really was going to self-destruct, she wanted a memorable adventure, "such as befell heroic voyagers," before the global ship sank. If it was an adventure the young English adventuress wanted, she got it!

Hardcover published in 1942. This book was removed from the Edmonton Public Library so does have library tags on front and spine and card flap in back. See all photos for any condition issues.

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