DNA Guides

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Everything you wanted to know about DNA but were afraid to ask. Written by DNA expert Diahan Southard, who has a background in microbiology with a talent for clear and concise explanations of complicated topics. She has been translating genetics into genealogy for over 14 years.

Guides to choose from:

  • Getting Started Genetics for the Genealogist
  • Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist
  • Mitochondrial DNA for the Genealogist
  • Mitochondrial DNA at Family Tree DNA 
  • Y Chromosome DNA for the Genealogist
  • YDNA at Family Tree DNA 
  • AncestryDNA (2nd Edition)
  • Family Finder At Family Tree DNA (2nd Edition)
  • Understanding 23 and Me: A Companion Guide to Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist
  • MyHeritage DNA
  • Organizing Your DNA Matches 
  • Breaking Down Brickwalls With DNA
  • GEDmatch

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